Dropped Labour PPC is Trying Again

Michelle Harris was shortlisted to be the Labour Prospective parliamentary candidate (PPC) for the Hastings and Rye constituency until her antisemitic Facebook posts were revealed.

The Labour Party removed her from the shortlist of candidates in January as a result. We wrote about it at the time.

The Jewish Chronicle reports that she is now on her way to becoming the PPC for the marginal constituency of Walsall North.

Harris is a member of Labour Against the Witch hunt run by Tony Greenstein and Jackie Walker.

Greenstein was expelled for comments made relating to Jews and antisemitism while Walker remains suspended also for comments made relating to Jews and antisemitism.

Here are comments Harris made within the group last month;

And on the same thread she later added that;

It’s interesting that she says the complaint against her was withdrawn immediately, perhaps this is what opened the door to her attempts to become the PPC for Walsall North.

One of the things she reportedly said was;

“I have often said the holocaust victims who died with dignity must be turning in their graves at the horrors done in the name of Judaism. Gaza is a ghetto being shelled.”

David Hirsh’s response was apt;

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