Jewish Community Condemned at Pro Gaza Rally

The Board of Deputies of British Jews and the Jewish Leadership Council were accused of trying to bring about the political lynching of Jeremy Corbyn in Westminster today.

At a demonstration organised by the Palestine Forum in Britain Glyn Secker, Secretary of Jewish Voice for Labour, attacked the two main representative bodies of the Jewish community, he did so to great applause.

Secker said of the Board of Deputies and the Jewish Leadership Council that;

“Their purpose is transparent, to bring down Corbyn because he is on the side of justice for Palestinians”

Watch the full 4 minutes speech below;

Of course such demonstrations attract only the highest quality activists such as possibly the only activist even Tony Greenstein could call antisemitic, Gerry Downing. Here he is, complete with a brand new beard, chilling with some Momentum types while giving out his Socialist Fight leaflets;

The inevitable Nazi discourse was present;

Naturally Britain is being run from Tel Aviv says Thomas Suarez (H/T Jonathan Hoffman);

And of course the other side of the sign says;

And naturally at a demonstration for Gaza you’ve gotta complain that there’s a purge of the Labour Party…haven’t you? Well you do if you’re with Tony Greenstein and Jackie Walker’s outfit Labour Against the Witchhunt. Was there anyone at the demonstration who wasn’t either a member of the Labour Party or a member of the Labour Party on the verge of being booted out?

Here’s another one;

You’ve gotta love the homemade banners the most;

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