Tough Times for Jewish Corbynistas

The life of a Jewish Corbynista is not an easy one. Michael Segalov is finding it tough to get the message across to the thousands of Labour members for whom Labour membership is pointless if you can’t attack Jews;

Labour NEC member Rhea Wolfson on the other hand can’t see antisemitism when it’s right in front of her face. She’ll continue to be useful to the Corbyn gang.

In case anyone has forgotten the email that was Christine Shawcroft’s downfall was her defence of a Labour Council Candidate who had been tweeting and otherwise arguing antisemitic discourse. Did Jon Lansman or Rhea Wolfson do anything about the email when they saw it? Doubt it.

Did Rhea Wolfson just argue that MPs who are taking on the cause of countering antisemitism in the Labour Party are a part of the problem?

Of course she did and anyway there’s loads of racism across the political spectrum so why look at Labour? Of course there’s antisemitism in Labour she says (like it’s not weird that a party dedicated to fighting racism should have an issue with it) but that’s not the real problem, the real problem is the people who keep hi-lighting it and when people do hi-light it that just emboldens all of the other antisemites in the Labour Party;

“Nobody sensible denies there is a problem with antisemitism in the Labour Party: Momentum’s statement on the way forward is both measured and instructive on the issues at stake. But a number of people have cynically exploited the very real problems that exist in order to attack factions within Labour, or the party as a whole: often the same people with a deeply chequered and murky history when it comes to prejudice themselves. The harm this causes is manifold: the small band of naysayers who have dug their heels in and refuse to admit anti-Semitism exists in the Labour movement and needs to be combatted latch onto these people as examples of questionable, hypocritical motives. The cranks will gesture to the cynically manipulative and argue their insincerity is proof there is no issue, that the row is purely confected and part of a wider conspiracy of political attacks via the media.”

Of course one wonders why it is that in the Labour Party antisemitism is defended at the highest levels. In an ordinary political period the head of the opposition attending any kind of meeting, let a lone a Far Left Jewish one, where the head of the Board of Deputies of British Deputies was attacked by name and where the following was said would be a scandal in and of itself;

Please God smash the State of Israel. Smash it in the abundance of your love. Strengthen the hands of those who seek to liberate our Holy Land that is not actually ours at all.’ The poem contains the cry: ‘And f*** the Queen, especially f*** Prince Philip. Burn down Parliament.

But of course these are not ordinary times.

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