The Socialist Workers Party stand against antisemitism…..yeah right!

As the cases of antisemitism continue to emerge from the Labour party and the Jewish community continues to battle against the tide of hate, our friends over at the Socialist Workers Party will be hosting a number of events across the country about how they can defend Jeremy Corbyn against these “attacks”, and why “such suggestions” of antisemitism are really about “undermining the left’s support for Palestinians“. Because remember folks, allegations of antisemitism against the left can never be done in good faith. Its all about Palestine and those free-speech hating, colonialist loving Zionists. Well, that is what the SWP are saying anyway.

The events will be taking place this evening in London, as well as in Manchester and Oxford. One other event in London will be taking place next week.

South London:

The below comment on the event discussion page probably gives a good indication as to what kind of spirit the event will be conducted in.


Tower Hamlets:


The Corbynites continue to belittle antisemitism in the name of Jeremy Corbyn. When will he come out and tell them to stop?

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