Christine Shawcroft Keeps Digging Deeper

So Christine Shawcroft was the short lived chair of Labour’s Internal Disputes Committee has put out a statement on Facebook explaining her actions;

Note this;

“This whole row is being stirred up to attack Jeremy, as we all know. That someone who has spent his whole life fighting racism in all its forms should find himself being accused of not doing enough to counter it, absolutely beggars belief.”

So according to her it’s still a conspiracy to attack Jeremy Corbyn.

Christine Shawcroft resigned from her position when it emerged that she had sent an email to colleagues defending Alan Bull, a Peterborough council candidate who shared a Holocaust denial video. The Times wrote that in addition to sharing the Holocaust denial video he also shared;

Ms Shawcroft, a senior figure in the grassroots group Momentum, attacked Labour staff by email for suspending Alan Bull. He had also allegedly shared a post suggesting that Israel and Isis worked together, and one claiming that President Kennedy was murdered by Mossad, according to the Jewish News, which printed the images. Mr Bull said that they were “doctored screenshots”.

Despite this Shawcroft defended Bull and said that he should be able to stand for Peterborough council as a Labour Party candidate. John McDonnell is saying she should stay on the Labour Party’s governing NEC and Corbyn appears to have concurred as she still sits on the body.

The Times added (in the same article as linked to above);

Mr McDonnell insisted that it was right that Ms Shawcroft had quit the post but refused to say she should resign from the national executive committee (NEC). Asked if she should step down from the ruling body, he told Sky News: “Well, no. Jeremy has asked her to stand down as the chair of the disputes committee.”He added: “She’s not at the head of (the NEC). It is an elected position and it is up to the electorate to decide whether or not she should be elected again.”

Here’s what the Labour Party faithful from Jeremy Corbyn on down need to understand. It’s not the Jews who are making Labour and Corbyn look bad. It’s the Labour Party activists, councillors, officers and MPs who are posting antisemitic material and covering for those posting such material and holding antisemitic views.

Bizarrely it also turns out that Shawcroft is Facebook friends with the recently expelled Labour member Tony Greenstein and the founder and long time admin of the secret antisemitic Facebook group Palestine Live;

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