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Zionists on Campus “a declaration of war against Arabs, Muslims, Palestinians”

Across the Atlantic in California:

California State University Chancellor Timothy White said this week he would “explore all appropriate options” in response to a San Francisco State University professor who on Facebook described welcoming Zionists to her campus as “a declaration of war against Arabs, Muslims [and] Palestinians.”

In a March 26 email, White criticized SFSU associate professor Rabab Abdulhadi (who oversees the university’s Arab and Muslim Ethnicities and Diasporas program, or AMED) for a Feb. 23 Facebook post, which she signed using her official university title and address.

School administrators, including the university’s president Les Wong, have at least pushed back against this publicly.

Wong reaffirmed support for Jewish students, faculty and staff and said his refusal last year in a J. interview to acknowledge whether Zionists were welcome on campus had caused “a lot of anguish and deeply hurt feelings.”

“Let me be clear, Zionists are welcome on our campus,” he wrote.

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