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Setting the record straight about Jeremy Corbyn’s “peace process” lie

This post from May 2016 has been republished to shed some light on Jeremy Corbyn’s shameless dissembling in an interview with Jewish News earlier today.


Jeremy Corbyn must stop telling his “peace process” lie.

He resorted to it today yet again, in Parliament:

The points he [Cameron] was making earlier relate to a discussion I was hosting in order to try to promote a peace process and it was not an approval of those organisations [Hamas and Hezbollah]. I absolutely do not approve of those organisations.

What Corbyn Really Said
This is not true. It is miles away from the truth.

See for yourself. This is the whole “friends” speech in March 2009. It is nothing but a salute to Hamas and Hezbollah. At one point Corbyn even talks dreamily of Hamas having “tea with the Queen”. There is some disapproval, but it is reserved for the British government, Israel, Zionism tout court, and people concerned about the antisemitism on display in Corbyn’s circles.

Now a peace process in a protracted and bitter conflict does require meetings with people who are unpleasant, to say the least.

But who appointed Mr Corbyn, a backbencher at the time, as a one man Foreign Office?

Moreover, where does he grit his teeth and warmly salute “friends” who are, oh, violent religious settlers? Go on, show me.

Actually, when it comes to Israelis, for many years Corbyn backed “universal jurisdiction” for alleged war crimes, the tactic used by his thuggish friends to hassle Israeli leaders visiting this country. They want the likes of Tzipi Livni arrested on sight at Heathrow. No tea for her.

The “Context” Makes It Worse
“Out of context!” is a familiar diversion when the far left and Islamists are held to account.

The context for the “friends” talk only makes it worse. Corbyn was attending a meeting organised by the so-called “Stop the War Coalition”, an alliance of far leftists and Islamists which actually backs the other side.

They chose the key title for this meeting. It was “Meet the Resistance”. The prize was not peace. No, they wanted to build stronger left wing support for jihadis.

John Rees
That’s very clear in stopper John Rees’s contribution to “Meet the Resistance”.

But it has also been our policy that the resistance is a legitimate part of the movement. They are part of the movement in the Middle East. They are the central part of the movement in the Middle East.

I personally am a supporter of the resistance.

We must rely on the resistance of people who are at the sharp end of imperialism. And we must bring such pressure here that they are caught between a rock and a hard place. That they are between people who will not give in to the imperial presence in their own societies and people here who will not give in when they see that kind of injustice visited on other people because they know that their loss is our loss as well.

The stoppers and the jihadis are a team. This is bluntly spelled out. And peace? Yes, of the grave for “imperialists” and “Zionists”.

Abou Jahjah
Abou Jahjah, a nasty antisemite who has since been banned from this country, also spoke at the “Meet the Resistance” meeting. He too hailed Hezbollah, Hamas and the Iraqi “resistance”. He even wished economic ruin on us as the global financial crisis unfolded, saying he wanted G-20 countries to “fall off the cliff”. A truly fine Corbyn comrade, Mr Jahjah.

Hussein El Haj
For his part, Hezbollah MP Hussein El Haj expressed his gratitude to the stoppers for their support, celebrated his terrorist group’s stupid and pointless fight with Israel, and spoke up for Hamas.

Haifa Zangana
It’s Haifa Zangani’s turn. From ten minutes in, she mocks American claims that Iraq was becoming more stable, noting the high death toll of U.S. soldiers in Iraq compared to losses in Afghanistan. She supports the “right to resistance” against a recognised Iraqi government and America’s Iraqi “stooges”. She also notes with pride that Iraqi terrorists were pledging their support to Palestinian “mujahideen” in Gaza at the time. You see, “the only way” is “the resistance is one because the occupation is one, whether it’s in Palestine, in Lebanon, or in Iraq”.

It is long, long past time for Mr Corbyn to stop telling his “peace process” lie.