The Quislings of the Jewish Voice for Labour

The head of the so called Jewish Voice for Labour is Jenny Manson. Though for some reason she got her own name wrong and signed it ‘Mason’ on a list of about 20 dodgy Jews who are shilling for Jeremy Corbyn.

Jenny Manson formed the group in order to make sure that anti-Zionist Jews can shill for antisemites in the Labour Party. As she said just the other day at a talk in the London Muslim Centre;

“We started the organisation for two purposes I would say, one was to work with other Jewish organisations that I’ll mention on behalf of Palestinian rights, the other was to tackle allegations of antisemitism in the Labour Party but that’s for another night if you’re interested in the talk and I was actually with various members of staff of Jeremy Corbyn and Shami Chakrabarti today talking about that certainly recently Jewish Voice for Labour is starting to be listened to more as things change in the Labour Party.”

So naturally the hard left Labour Party leadership want to push JVL to the fore. Note above that Manson says she has been in meetings with Corbyn and Chakrabarti’s staff to talk about tackling accusations of antisemitism, she said that a week ago.

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell says he hopes Manson will be the Parliamentary Candidate for Labour for the constituency of Finchley and Golders Green. He said;

Jenny is an active campaigner and I am hoping she is going to put her name forward to stand for Labour in Finchley eventually….I hope she does….because we need people who understand the world and also who can communicate and campaign in that way and have a track record of campaigning.

Watch him saying it from 29 minutes and 55 seconds in;

Her co-chair Leah Levane going under the name D’vorah Leah, offered advice to Elleanne Green on how to attack Campaign Against Antisemitism for the “crime” of handing her a letter. Clearly her concerns lie with “Poor Elleanne” rather than on countering the antisemitism Elleanne herself has been shown to have posted within a secret Facebook group she is the founder and administrator of.

As Manson admitted, Jewish Voice for Labour exists to tackle allegations of antisemitism, not antisemitism, just anyone who has been a victim of antisemitism.

Is it any surprise that JVL, like the Quislings they are, have dived right in and organised an “emergency rally” to counter a demonstration against antisemitism? What kind of anti-racist organises an attack on a demonstration against Jew hatred?

The JVL, that’s who.

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