For Seumas Milne Intelligence is Never any Good

Russia Today host Afshin Rattansi will be appearing on BBC Question Time tonight.

Seumas Milne, Jeremy Corbyn’s right hand man, has appeared on Rattansi’s RT programme twice and also been interviewed by him on Press TV.

This is the Seumas Milne who expressed doubts about British intelligence being correct enough to enable Theresa May to argue that it’s “highly likely” that Russia poisoned former spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter (and a helluva lot of other people) using a toxin. He even went so far as to brief against his own national intelligence services as a Labour Party spokesman;

In September 2014 he was discussing the Ukraine-Russia conflict on RT.

Milne suggested that NATO backed western aggression is the reason for why Russia behaved so aggressively towards the Ukraine

Despite David Cameron and Ed Miliband agreeing at the time that there were 1000’s of Russian troops stationed in Ukraine, Milne trots out the familiar line;

‘the evidence is that this is not the case…the evidence for it is pretty sketchy’.

Does questioning our own evidence and intelligence on Russian activity sound familiar?

When it was just Seumas Milne Guardian, Guardian columnist saying these things it didn’t matter.

Now it’s the man who has the ear of the head of Her Majesty’s opposition who seems to believe that the West and NATO have always been the aggressors and that whatever Russia does they are merely defending themselves against Western aggression.

He made these points when discussing Ukraine in 2014, and he is now making these points today.

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