Now what?

Now that it is next to certain that Russian agents, with Vladimir Putin’s, approval, poisoned Sergei Skripal and his daughter in Salisbury, where they are now near death, and rendered a police officer seriously ill, what will the UK government do?

What should it do?

is beyond pathetic:

As part a “robust” British response if Russian involvement is proven, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson told lawmakers Tuesday the U.K. could downgrade its participation in the World Cup.

Johnson said that “it will be very difficult to imagine that U.K. representation at that event will go ahead in the normal way.”

The Foreign Office later clarified that the comment referred to dignitaries and officials, not the England team, which is scheduled to compete at the tournament, which starts in June.

If Jeremy Corbyn wanted to reclaim at least a particle of dignity, he would call out this response for what it is.

How likely is that?

Meanwhile a presenter on Russian state TV mocks the UK by warning “traitors” and saying, “Don’t choose Britain as a place to live.”

And will President Trump finally dare to utter (or tweet) a critical word about Putin?

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