Tommy Corbyn and Antisemitism

Tommy Corbyn seems unable to notice antisemitism even when it’s on his own Facebook post.

Here he asks Facebook “Why is it that I can criticise my own, or any other government, but criticism of the Isreali state is immediately branded antisemitic?”

It’s a shame that no one on Facebook pointed out that it’s not antisemitic to criticise Israel, only that when Israel is referred to in ways that imply or  state it is somehow running the whole world or part of a global conspiracy that antisemitism could well be considered the only rationale that explains away such nonsense.

Instead something else happened;

And so Tommy’s Facebook responds to him;

Andrew Hancock posts the below on Tommy’s thread;

Naturally Andrew’s a bit of a Corbyn fan…

You don’t have to look very far to see where Andrew is getting his information. A quick look at what groups he’s in makes it clear;

Then Gareth “it’s all the Rothschilds” Davies from the CloakedTruth website wades in on the same thread saying;

Let’s look at some of CloakedTruth’s Facebook content…there’s this Facebook Post on Garreth’s own profile page;

And this;

We suppose Tommy would say that he’s never seen any antisemitism in the Labour Party. How about on his own Facebook post?