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The BBC and Annie Machon

The poisoning of Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia is grim and frightening. Though nothing has been proven, eyes have inevitably turned on the murky world of Russian intelligence.

Careful, balanced, and informed people who know the murk very well are best-placed to provide analysis.

That said, such people are of course deemed entirely undesirable in quarters close to the murk.

For example, it is no surprise that the Kremlin’s propaganda channel Russia Today turned to one of the most inappropriate people of all – the conspiracy freak Annie Machon. She duly spread chaff, suggesting the Skripals may have been taking dangerous drugs.

We’ll do better, right? Oh no, not at all. Yesterday BBC Newsnight too had Machon on. You can see her spin for Russia from 8:20 in here.

Today it was BBC Radio 5 Live’s turn. It brought spinning Machon on from 11:20 here. Nicky Campbell said he was “delighted” to host her and added it was “valuable to hear your voice”.

This is extraordinary. Have a look at Machon telling us what really happened to Princess Diana. She did not die in a tragic accident. This is the truth:

There was an MI6 interest in this. And then of course we start looking at the other evidence and all the rest of it and I have to say my personal opinion, I think, yes, they did intend to at least seriously injure or kill her. And it’s not just about the fact that “was she pregnant, wasn’t she”, we’ll never know because they embalmed her against all French law so quickly, and all the other speculative things you see in the press. There’s also the fact that it was reported that she was being a great success in the landmine campaign that she was running.

But also she was about to go into campaigning on behalf of the Palestinians. Now you can imagine someone of Princess Diana’s profile doing that, they would not have tolerated it, they could not have dealt with that. So I think that’s why she was taken out. I think they’d probably been planning it for a while and it was just perfect timing they did it when they did.

As for 9/11, naturally it was an inside job.

She is also very concerned about “anomalies” in the 7/7 “alleged bombers” story. Accounts of the Madrid bombings in 2004 are suspect too.

Oh, and Israel bombed its own embassy in London in 1994 to strengthen its case for stronger premises security measures and to damage Palestinian political networks in the UK. Now you know.

People are rightly concerned about “fake news”.

In my book “idiot news” is just as bad. Well, that’s exactly what licence payers are getting from the BBC in this case. Even the hapless UN has figured Machon out – it removed her from a conference platform in 2013. That’s how bad this is!

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