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British Prime Ministers in Transition

After transitioning, these British PMs had the following careers (in chronological order, from bottom right)
Sister Winnie Churchill – Senior Midwife, popular with her patients
Alexandra “Sandra” Eden – debutante, married a banker
Harriet MacMillan – Madam of a brothel, suing her cosmetic surgeon
Harriet Wilson – lecturer in economics at Somerville College
Edwina Heath – middle-class housewife in Surbiton

Jenny Callaghan – changed her name to Mollie Sugden and starred in Are You Being Served
Marcus Thatcher – Conservative Chancellor of the Exchequer
Joanne Major – senior in the Accounts team, always helpful to her colleagues
Antonia “Toni” Blair – media career and on the panel of Loose Women
Gordie Brown – Chief Ranger at the Cairngorms National Park
Davina Cameron – Home Counties wife, does some part-time PR work
Terence May – mid-ranking civil servant
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