Call for “Unified military effort by Islamic world to remove Zionist occupation” at UCL

Last week, at an event entitled ‘US embassy in Jerusalem, what’s the big deal?’, Dilly Hussain calls for a;

“unified military effort by the Islamic world to remove the Zionist occupation”.

Hussain, deputy editor of 5Pillars made the comment in response to a question by an “Irish student who appeared to be pro-Palestine” (his description).

Hussain is calling for an attack by an Islamic army on Jews in the Middle East, invoking language and sentiment of Quranic battles and subsequent victories over Jews. In fact, Hussain in his talk (which can be viewed here) refers to such Quranic battles as a model for which action should be taken today.

Without a hint of irony even as Hussain calls for a slaughter he also calls for “justice and security for all three Abrahamic faiths to live in peace”.

Imagine tomorrow Hussain gets his wish and a unified Islamic military arrives on the doorstep of Israel to liberate Palestine and rid it of said Zionist occupation.

Millions of Jews (of which there are currently over 6 million) would be slaughtered as they fought to save their state and their way of life. What Jews would be left to live in peace?

None – that’s the point.

Let’s not forget that in its enquiry into the violent anti-Israel protests against Hen Mazzig in 2016, UCL concluded that;

“From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free’….….‘could be considered anti-Semitic’ because it calls ‘for the destruction of the state of Israel’.

How will they now react to a far clearer and much more explicitly violent call for Israel’s destruction, organised and unchallenged by UCL’s Islamic society and Friends of Palestine society who now have a less that admirable record on antisemitism.

Will UCL act?

The event was co-hosted by the UCL Friends of Palestine Society and the Islamic Society:

If you look at the bottom right of the publicity you’ll see the logo for the Islamic Society and the UCL Students Union, have they endorsed this? Is this the official position of UCL Students Union?

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