Michael Calderbank; Corbyn Confidante, Co-Editor Red Pepper and Antisemite?

Yesterday Jeremy had a meeting with some “friends”.

These included Malia “Zionist outpost” Bouattia, Ken “never intended to deny the Holocaust” Loach, John “Inminds” McDonnell and co-editor of Red Pepper Michael Calderbank.

Calderbank (centre in the below pic), who describes himself as a ‘socialist’ and is a ‘Parliamentary Researcher for trade unions’, was chairing the manifesto discussion and launch of the book; For The Many: Preparing Labour for Power

It turns out that Calderbank has some pretty strident views on what Jews are allowed to call antisemitism and whether Jews living in the West Bank should expect to be killed. Here is a selection of his own words;

Apparently if you work for the Israeli embassy you can’t talk about antisemitism or work for a Jewish organisation without being a part of the Israel/Zionist/Jewish conspiracy;

But hey it’s OK because Calderbank actually speaks for Jewish people so there’s no need to let their actual views get in the way;

David Ward’s comments on the Holocaust were apparently clumsy yet absolutely on point so far as he’s concerned;

The obligatory Nazi – Zionism comparison that all Corbyn’s mates seem to make;

He just can’t help but attack the Jewish Labour Movement;

What antisemitism? Not me mate some of my best friends are self hating Jews;

But his fiance, who also happens to be on Labour’s powerful ‘conference arrangement committee’, can’t possibly share his views…


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