Antisemitic Ad at UCL?

This poster has been put up on campus at University College London:

Just over a year ago UCL faced a riot when Israeli speaker Hen Mazzig attempted to speak to a group of students.

There was another protest when he returned last Thursday after being invited back by the University. As a result you’d think UCL might want to avoid any more antisemitism controversies.


Bizarrely the UCL Marxist society uses an image that bears no relation to the event it’s ostensibly advertising; Trump and Jerusalem: How to Stop Imperialism:

those who click through to the Facebook Event will see a short blurb written in the “about” section, I’ve reproduced it here:

The current events in the Middle East are one of the focal points for Marxists to come back on the question: “what’s wrong with capitalism?” Notoriously, the meddling of the West in giving Palestinian territory to Israel demonstrates the sheer brutality and carelessness of the states we live under; it sheds the fig leaf of imperialist domination that is the “democracy” of richer nations.

The UCL Marxist Society invites the Friends of Palestine Society, and all who care for the oppressed peoples in Palestine, to discuss the effects of Trump and the type of society that endorses his actions on the region. We stand in solidarity with those who suffer from this infantile meddling!

Comrades may find this article by Hamid interesting before attending:

Here are some other images of the Israeli animal pulling the American handler along: