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Corbyn on Iran – Crooked Talking, Dishonest Politics

Many people think politicians are sleazy liars.

Jeremy Corbyn would like you to believe that he is different. So would his followers.

Making The Case For Iran
The rest of us are going to take some convincing, to say the least. All the more so, Mr Corbyn, after we saw you on TV earlier today with Andrew Marr. Marr says:

I was reading a poster about an event celebrating the Iranian revolution at which you spoke.

The disdainful eyebrows twitch upwards, the “how dare you” eyes squint angrily, and out flies a dismissive “What?!?”.

Oh dear. Yes, Mr Corbyn, here you are to make “The Case For Iran” in 2014 at the Islamic Centre of England, a regime stronghold in London. The event was held “to commemorate the auspicious anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran”.

Perhaps you remember the video camera now? Here you are at the event, introduced as a “very dear friend”.

(The talk continues here.)

To recap, this was your message:

* You called the Islamic Centre of England “a wonderful centre” and said it was a “great honour” to be there.

* You then hailed Iran, which has driven so many Iranian Jews and Ahwazi Arabs into exile, for its “tolerance”. Yes, you really did.

The Jewish community has always been present in Tehran; the Zoroastrians have always been there, as have people of many other faiths. There is much to be very proud of in the history of Iran and in the tolerance of ordinary people in Iran towards those of different faiths.

* To make it worse, in this instance you were referring to an earlier speech by the Centre’s director, which was an ode to Khomeini.

* Then came “it’s our fault”, your lifelong dirge:

The problems of today stem from the history of relations and the history of European relations with all the countries in the region.

* In fact, a real problem, you noted, was the “demonisation” of Iran.

* You also praised Iran for being helpful in the Syrian conflict. Yes, the murderous regime backing Assad. That Iran.

* You did mention human rights. There is nothing to worry about, really, you implied in the briefest and most perfunctory of words:

I also recognise that Iran is a member of the United Nations Human Rights Council, which I also attend, and Iran, like every other country, must undergo its universal periodic review. Every country has to undergo it. And I raised these questions with the foreign minister during our visit [to Iran] and the assurance was given that the full response will be given at the UN Human Rights Council in June, as is required.

* You were certainly in your stride towards the end, offering warm words:

The message I got from my visit was that Iran is a country that is strong, a country with the most amazing history.

I respect Iran’s history. I respect what brought about the revolution in 1979.

I am glad we could clear this up for you.

Wonderful Islamic Centre of England Wisdom
By the way, here are a few snippets of wisdom from your “wonderful” Islamic Centre of England, all published before you went there to make “The Case For Iran”.

If random idiots of no importance make inflammatory statements about Islam, mind the hidden hand:

What lies behind this wicked move is the hostile policies of Zionism, America and other leaders of the arrogant powers, who are vainly trying to make young generations in the Islamic world lose respect for what is held sacred and to extinguish their religious sentiments. If they had refused to support the previous links in this evil chain – namely, Salman Rushdie, the Danish cartoonist and Quran-burning American priests – and if they had not ordered tens of anti-Islam films from the companies affiliated with Zionist capitalists, today this great and unforgivable sin would not have been committed. The number one culprit in this crime is Zionism and the American government.

Sorry, not a hand, tentacles:

Rather the day when European and American peoples realize that the majority of their economic, social and ethical problems result from the octopus-like hegemony of international Zionism over their governments and that their statesmen give in to the bullying of parasitic Zionists who own companies in America and Europe for the sake of their personal and partisan interests, they will create a such hell for them in which no salvation will be imaginable.

How about some Nazi-style language:

The Zionist regime is a cancerous tumour that must be removed, and God willing it will be.

Even the very worst terrorists are but dupes. You know who is behind them:

The existence of civil wars, religious and denominational prejudices and political instabilities, the prevalence of cruel terrorism, the emergence of extreme groups and orientations- which like savage tribes in history, cut open the chests of human beings and rip their hearts out with their teeth- the emergence of armed mercenaries who kill women and children, cut off the heads of men and rape women and who do such horrible and disgusting crimes in the name of religion are all the products of the satanic and arrogant plots of foreign intelligence services and their regional agents.

Press TV
Turning back to today’s broadcast, Mr Marr asked you about Press TV too. This is what you said:

I ceased to do any programmes when they treated the Green movement the way that they did. And I also on all of those occasions made my voice very clear about human rights abuses.

The Green movement was brutally supressed in 2009. You appeared on Press TV up to 2012. Ever so happy to help, once again.

You have also claimed before, as you did today, that you raised Iranian human rights issues on Press TV. Is there any evidence? None has been seen and many of us have been waiting for some time now. Do give us a hand here, please.

Oh, in addition, Press TV was well-known as a purveyor of Holocaust denial poison way back in 2008.

The Real Jeremy Stands Up
I mean, some of us think, with good reason, that this is the real Mr Corbyn, standing before big Hezbollah flags and haranguing Iranians for freedom while thugs tear down their banner and manhandle them out of a demonstration.

“Straight talking, honest politics” is one of your slogans. May I suggest a most refreshing intervention, then:

“My name is Jeremy Corbyn and I too am a sleazy liar.”

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