Bringing Corbyn into Disrepute?

Today it was announced that Momentum’s youth wing has been shut down. The reasons offered by Momentum founder Jon Lansman were that;

“MYS (Momentum Youth and Students) currently has no validity within the structures of Momentum, and therefore no legitimacy to use Momentum’s name or logo. In addition, I wanted to note, with regret, that the MYS social media accounts have at times been used in ways which have brought Momentum into disrepute and which are inconsistent with Momentum’s code of ethics.”

Speaking of which let me introduce you to Graham Humaniel Hennessy. He is the administrator of a little pro Corbyn Facebook group (just shy of 20,000 members) called Jeremy Corbyn – True Socialism. He recently posted that a certain people “make the world tow the line through media influence and money.”

Isn’t he bringing the Labour Party and good old JC himself into disrepute? I won’t hold my breath waiting for an answer on this one;