Corbynistas Call for “Hanging” Tony Blair

While Jeremy Corbyn stands mute in the face of Iranians being murdered by their government his supporters call wholeheartedly for the death of former Prime Minister Tony Blair.

One place you can hear calls for the death of probably the most successful Labour politician in living memory is in the “lets help make Jeremy Corbyn prime minister group” (places you can’t include Tory FB groups)

Another is in the we support Jeremy Corbyn Facebook group:

One Corbyn supporter’s comment started a thread after claiming “Blair is not fit to lick Corbyn’s boots”;

This has set off a cascade of vitriol with multiple people on the thread calling for the former Prime Minister to be hanged:

And of course no thread of this kind would be complete without some antisemitic conspiracy theories thrown in for good measure.

Are these people card carrying members of the Labour Party? It wasn’t long ago that a Labour politician actually was murdered, then it was by a man with distinctly right wing motives. How long before a Labour Party politician falls foul of the Corbynista hardliners?

Is this the politics supported by Chuka Umanna? Wes Streeting? And all those Labour politicians who overnight decided Jeremy Corbyn deserved a standing ovation?