Corbyn’s Refreshing Silence on Iran

When the streets filled with Iranian demonstrators in the so called Green Revolution of 2009 Jeremy Corbyn took to the regime mouthpiece Press TV to defend the reactionary, Islamic State regime. He didn’t stop there though, he’s been defending the Islamic Regime for years;

No one could be surprised at the fact that he has nothing to say now when once again Iranians take to the streets. In fact it’s rather refreshing.

He has said rather a lot in the past however, here he is heaping praise on the regime (H/T to our own Habibi):

Though good old Jeremy has been quiet some of his supporters have a lot to say. Take the comments in the Facebook group Jeremy Corbyn will be Prime Minister, a small group with ‘only’ 11,560 members;

Naturally this led to a cascade of bile on the thread:

And of course no thread would be complete without a good old fashioned dose of illegitimate criticism of Jews er Zionists;

Let’s turn to the Facebook group Jeremy Corbyn Leads us to Victory, another small group, this time with over 24,000 members;

Not much of a thread there yet…