What can we usefully do?

Conservative writer Bill Kristol has a wise take on how those of us outside Iran should be reacting to the current uprising against the corrupt and oppressive regime of the Islamic Republic.

The operative word here is usefully.

Kristol offers one idea that makes a lot of sense: namely, help the Iranian protesters get around the regime’s efforts to shut down their means of communication.

Perhaps this is an area where tech-savvy individuals as well as governments can help.

I appreciate President Trump’s tweets supporting the protests. One useful thing he might do is revise the blanket ban against Iranians traveling to the US– a signal to the Iranian people that he recognizes the difference between the regime and the people risking their lives to overthrow it.

Despite the efforts of some to suggest that “the Left” (whatever than means) is unsympathetic to the protesters, I’ve seen little sign of that here in the US. Here’s a tweet from Bernie Sanders:

Surely those of us on the democratic Left and the democratic Right can put aside the blame game long enough to express solidarity with the demonstrators and try to find useful ways to support them.

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