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Labour MP Andy Slaughter at the Khaybar Hatred March

Labour MP Andy Slaughter is not one to miss a proper Israel hatred session with his Islamist and far left friends.

Sure enough, it appears that he spoke at Friday’s “Hands Off Jerusalem” demonstration in London.

As you know, an ugly crowd at the demonstration turned to chanting “Khaybar” to express their murderous hatred. Massacring Jews? Yay, bring it on! There were also “Death to America” and “Death to Israel” chants and that old favourite, “with our blood and our souls we sacrifice ourselves for you oh Palestine!”.

This comes as no surprise. Slaughter has long been close to the Palestinian Forum in Britain (PFB), a Hamas front with a chilling record of promoting some of the very worst hate preachers. The PFB was one of the organisers of the demonstration on Friday.

Here he is heading up another hatred march. To his right is Hafiz al-Karmi, the head of the PFB.

In the picture above one can also see Ismail Patel, the crazed Israel hater and Hamas supporter of “Friends of al-Aqsa”, another organiser of Friday’s demonstration. Here’s a picture of Mr Slaughter supporting Patel’s outfit.

Here is Mr Patel bellowing for Hamas and berating the BBC and the Board of Deputies of British Jews.

Slaughter is very keen on the antisemitic rabble known as the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC), another organiser of Friday’s demonstration. Here he is at a PSC meeting, sharing the platform with the disgraced Islamist Daud Abdullah (on the right).

Slaughter is also a good friend of the al-Muntada mosque in his constituency. No wonder. It is dedicated to shockingly hardcore Salafi hatred. Bring them to Parliament!

There is more to say about Mr Slaughter’s illustrious career but I think that’s enough to give you a picture.

I do have an urgent question for Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour. Why isn’t a man with such a stellar record being elevated to the top ranks of the party, where he would be such a natural?

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