Nazreen Khan’s candidacy

Just a few quick points extracted from this recent piece in Jewish News which gives the background to Khan’s antisemitic comments. Apparently the revelations weren’t news to Labour.

Jewish News understands that the party said it would would not be able to suspend her candidature as details of her past had been known at the time of her shortlisting. Only if new information emerged could the case be reexamined, they said.

Her explanation for one of those comments is surreally perverse:

In Khan’s mea culpa in August, she is understood to have said that she originally used the term ‘Zionist’, only to change it to ‘Jews’ when she was informed the former was “a term of abuse”.

And finally:

She added that others in the party had said “as bad or worse”.

Is that the comment – given what she said – of someone fit to be chosen as an official Labour candidate?  Apparently she is now being reinterviewed.

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