Is David Icke Britain’s Leading Antisemite?

This is a cross-post by Marlon Solomon

If David Icke is not Britain’s leading antisemite I am yet to come across anybody else who is preaching the Protocols of the Elders of Zion to thousands of bewitched followers in sold-out arenas in Britain. Former footballer and sports presenter David Icke has been Britain’s leading conspiracy theorist for decades; hugely popular throughout the world and capable of selling out venues usually reserved for those of rock star status. Most famous for his belief in multi-dimensional reptiles but unfortunately less well known for the ancient anti-Jewish prejudice that lie at the heart of so many of his theories.

That’ll be where I come in.

The Protocols of the Elder of Zion is a notorious piece of antisemitic propaganda. A forgery concocted by Czarist Russian secret police used to incite the Russian populace against its Jewish population. It tells the story of a secret meeting in 1897 where leading members of the Jewish community throughout the world convened to discuss the trivial matter of their secret plan to take over the world (hopefully with nibbles). To accomplish this dastardly plot they would infiltrate all political parties, take ownership of the press and media in order to control ‘both sides’ of the argument; they would even disseminate pornography alcohol and drugs to corrupt decent good folk.

They would do this in order to spread dissension which would lead to revolution which in turn would lead to all-out war. Down on their luck the people’s of the world would then look to the Jews, now in control of everything, to lead them out of the darkness the evil Jews had manufactured.


The publication of the Protocols in 1919 resulted in an intensification of pogroms which claimed the lives of over 100000 Jews. By 1921 the Protocols had found their way to Germany and were quoted extensively by Adolf Hitler both in his speeches and in Mein Kampf. In America they were promoted most notably by Henry Ford in The International Jew: The World’s Problem making their way around the world to become the second biggest selling book on the planet after the bible. The result of this conspiracy theory was catastrophic, contributing significantly to the anti-Jewish agitation which led to one of humanities most heinous crimes.

It is the blueprint for all future world conspiracy theories and still widely believed all over the world today.

Unsurprisingly antisemitism got a bad name in Europe after the Holocaust however by the 1950’s the Protocolsmade their way to Egypt and are now more popular than ever throughout the Arab world; where understandable anger at the Jewish state brings a ready-made audience of millions for this most diabolic of fictions. It is quoted in the Hamas covenant and pseudo-intellectual documentaries  based on the Protocols are numerous. See this short clip from Iranian Protocol series Secrets of Armageddon for a taste.

It is a fusion of old European antisemitism and modern anti-Zionism. It makes up a large portion of David Icke’s current fare. It is the most pernicious and intoxicating form of antisemitism in the modern world.

Thus the Protocols departed Europe, received a new veneer in the Arab world and are now being fed back into European culture.

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