The Guardian Has No Excuses for Pimping Gilad Atzmon

It’s not as if Gilad Atzmon is a closet antisemite or that he accidentally went off the rails and made some comments he now deeply regrets. This is a man who is too toxic even for the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, a group that is filled with members who share antisemitic conspiracy theories with each other on social media one of whom is on their governing NEC.

Atzmon’s new musical ensemble was treated to a nice bit of publicity by the Guardian the other day. The only reference to his antisemitism was this delightful little study in understatement in saying that he has;

“bitten off as least as much as he can chew on the subject of Israeli-Palestinian politics”

What is that they’re missing over there at The Guardian? His commentary on Israeli Palestinian politics includes saying that;

“We must take the accusations that Jews are trying to take over the world with utmost seriousness. Israel is the Nazi Germany of our time. In fact, Israel today is worse than Nazi Germany.”

He said that as far back as 2011. He also said that;

“I heard about Holocaust deniers who were forced to sit in jail just because they wouldn’t fall for the Holocaust narrative as described by the Zionists. Holocaust denial laws are the worst – they prevent Jews from understanding their own history.

“Take the death marches issue, for example. It’s clear to everyone that at the beginning of the war the Nazis wanted to clear the Reich of Jews. If that’s the case, why did the lead the Jews at the end of the war into the Reich in what people refer to as ‘the death marches’? If the Nazis wanted to destroy the Jews, the last thing they should have done was lead them to Germany.”

What more do they need at the Guardian? Or is it more that if you’re an antisemite and Holocaust denier but can play the Saxophone you get a free pass? Maybe David Irving should take up the drums.


The Guardian’s association with Atzmon goes back years. If they haven’t dumped him by now they’re probably not going to.

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