Islamism,  Labour Party

MEND, Muslim Women, and the Labour Party

How to empower Muslim women? I can think of one good way – challenging views like this one:

I also want to briefly mention something about women in the workplace: I am an absolute extremist in this issue in that I don’t have any time for the opposing arguments. Women should not be in the workplace whatsoever. Full stop.

Some wriggle room has emerged in the West, but it is lamentable and must not be allowed to expand. The very faith is at stake!

Yes we need women doctors and dentists and all the rest of it but there’ll always be Muslim women who’ll go ahead and do that anyway, whatever the scholars tell them so let them go ahead. As for the rest of the practising Muslimat: after 17 years of experience in the workplace, I simply cannot imagine how we will safeguard our Islamic identity in the future and build strong Muslim communities in the West with women wanting to go out and becoming employed in the hell that it is out there. I don’t feel the need to offer any explanation. That’s just the way it is. I’ve seen far too many families split up, childrens’ lives ruined and ones Islamic development curtailed for myself to ever support women being outside the family home more than they already are.

That’s the Islamist preacher Abu Eesa Niamatullah speaking.

Here’s another dismal view:

Well the question arises, would I recommend a job for any sister? And the answer is in general, in general no. In general it’s not something that a sister should do.

That’s Yasir Qadhi putting ambitious Muslim women in their place. Qadhi continues this way:

So if you stick to the sharia, you will keep your honour and dignity and liberty. And if you go beyond the sharia, this is where the wolves and the predators [men] will come and try to get you. So the general rule is that sisters should not work. They should not work because their role is as wives and mothers.

We have a job to do and that is to bring about an ummah, to bring about a generation. Men have been assigned a role in that job and women have been assigned a role. It is not fair to compare apples and oranges.

What’s the problem? Be happy with your little lot!

Stay at your house. Your food and drink will come to you. What more do you want? Your husband will provide for you all that you need. What more do you want? Instead of looking at it from a negative way, look at from a positive way. You take care of the small, little things of the house, you please your husband, and in return your husband will give you the far more difficult things to do, of earning money and doing this and that.

There is one Islamist agitation outfit that certainly hasn’t challenged these men. It’s MEND. On the contrary – MEND gives Niamatullah and Qadhi star billing at its events.

So what’s this, then? As dark jokes go, I suppose it’s pretty good.

Now to be fair to MEND, it does employ women. Sahar al-Faifi of the Welsh arm, for example. She’s ideal for MEND. Here she is supporting Hamas:

While the champion of jihadis Moazzam Begg is a hero:

His story is the perpetually overlooked pith of the matter, that perhaps; the only way to end terrorism is to stop doing it. For that, one cannot but laud Begg for his an inimitable courage in his cause, to have a more answerable government and hold MI5 and MI6 to account.

Wait, what about the horrors of Islamic State? Oh, you know this is an easy one. It’s an American conspiracy against Islam:

When atrocities like the London Bridge attacks happen, wise up!

London Bridge attack, who is to blame?

You know this is how it works in simple terms. Security companies and arms industries make profits of creating threat and fear. They are part of social and political power structures, named as the establishment. Scaremongering is what keeps the power structures alive. Labour and the Tories are both products of the establishment and had Corbyn not been elected a leader of the labour party, the difference between Tories and labour is non-existent. Tories are knowingly linked to many corporates, including arms and pharmaceutical ones like MERCK and funded by pro-Zionists pro-war individuals such as Robert Rosenkranz, Lord Ashcroft and Lord Kalms the owner of Dixons. These people make money from wars and it is within their interest to make the world unstable by funding fear via morons and militias.

Thank goodness for Jeremy, eh. He knows “the Zionists”!

Labour in 2017 is very good at empowerment, I must admit. Empowering extremists, that is.

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