Where now for the two state solution?

I thought readers (if they have not already seen the poll) would be interested in the results of this detailed survey into Israeli and Palestinian attitudes towards the two state solution. Here’s a key extract from the press release from the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research.

Support for both a two state solution and a comprehensive two state peace plan rose among Palestinians, but fell among Israelis over the last half year. However, policy incentives can be added to the two-state agreement that bring support up to a strong majority on both sides. Obstacles to support for two states are low perceptions of feasibility, low trust, and high portions who think the other side aims to destroy them.

The full report is well worth reading. I was interested to read about increasing support in Gaza for the 2ss:

At present: 43% of the Palestinians support the full package (40% among West Bankers, who show no change from December – and half of Gazans. Among Gaza respondents, this represents a steady seven-point rise from June 2016 and December 2016; the current higher rate in Gaza accounts for the rise of the overall figure)

and the ‘Values and Goals’ section (scroll down to the end of the document) contained some intriguing findings.

Jews were asked about the values of: (1) a Jewish majority, (2) Greater Israel, (3) Democracy, (4) Peace … Among the Palestinians, we asked about the following goals: (1) Israeli withdrawal and establishing a Palestinian state, (2) Obtaining right of return for refugees to ’48 Israel, (3) Establishing a democratic political system, (4) Building a pious or moral individual and religious society.

(I wondered whether the last question should also have been put to Israelis, given the significant ultra orthodox minority.) You can find out which issues were most important for each group via the link. Were the responses to these, and other questions, what you imagined they would be?

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