Spanish Muslims respond to the Barcelona attacks

On Sunday, large numbers of Spanish Muslims marched in Barcelona to demonstrate their horror at the terrorist attack on their city.

The comments under this clip of the demonstration reflect a predictable spectrum of reactions.

They shouldn’t not march (sic) they should stop it before it’s happened

Many rightly thought that comment was unfair, but, given the alleged role played by a local Imam, there are at least some who might have done more.

A woman who knew several members of the group said the imam repeatedly preached about jihad and killing “infidels”, adding: “I feel like I could have done something. I feel a little bit guilty now.

“Everybody knew it. It was an open secret. But I can’t say it because these people are dangerous and they could come after me. I don’t trust anybody now.”

This comment seems reasonable, as a mild riposte to the ‘nothing to do with Islam’ assertion of one of the organisers.

If the attackers interpretation of Islam prompted them to commit these crimes then it has a lot to do with Islam, contrary to the opinion of this Muslim lady in the clip. Their religion needs major reform to modernise and clarify the many many inconsistencies which lead it to be interpreted in the violent way that Isis and other extremist Muslims do.

Muslims do not need to march because of this attack BUT the leaders of the Islam faith should come together to accept their Islam has issues and consider methods for reform and re-education.

However it’s natural for a peaceful Muslim, more emotionally involved than a non-Muslim commenter, to want to disassociate their faith from terrorism, and the woman in the clip was robust in asserting that those who supported terrorism had no place in Spain.

Here’s another response:

Do these people support the penalty for apostasy?

If they say no then they are not true Muslim

I’m not sure if that person was an Islamist or a counterjihadist.

Muslims are being framed. Its what the elite do to continue the fear within humanity. They choose a race/religion and create false flag events to gain consent via the masses for war. Once you wake up, you will see the pattern and start doing the research.


The usual reprisal attacks on mosques have been reported – and here’s a particularly vile response:

I would like to see the look in their faces if a white van came at them…

People disapproved of the march for different reasons:

Some muslims need to stop acting like coconuts, apologists and any other sort of begging to be seen as human. There is nothing to prove to bigots right or left that you are human.

I reckon the victims might have something to say about this, just like people would if white nationalists marched the day after Charlottesville saying ‘not in our name’ there would be OUTRAGE,

I bet many of those finding only things to complain about in this event would be just the ones asking ‘why aren’t Muslims demonstrating against terrorism?’ if the march hadn’t taken place.

Update Having seen this image, I think, unfortunately, it needs to be included. I can’t read the entire sign but it’s clearly claiming that Israel is behind ISIS.

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