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Sophie Geeking Tweets Another Zionist

Between this post and the previous post about her the Twitter Hezbollah fan has removed her pinned tweet of the Jewish partisan fighter Faye Schulman and replaced it with pictures of Hassan Nasrallah.


But she also decided to Tweet the testimony of another Holocaust survivor called Sonia K.

CNN interviewed Sonia K to speak about the comparisons between Charlottesville and Nazi Germany. Hearing her speak, giving her own testimony is truly enlightening, all the more so for the fact that soon there won’t be anyone left from that generation to speak out. You can find her video interview here.

According to CNN Sonia is a true survivor having been;

“forced to live in the Warsaw Ghetto before being taken to Majdanek , Auschwitz, Ravensbruck, and Malchow concentration camps. She was liberated in April of 1945 by American soldiers in Mittenwald, Germany. Sonia went on to have a family and open the first Jewish business in Mittenwald after the war.”

Sonia moved to the USA from Germany four years after the war. As you would expect she is a Zionist and volunteers her time with Hadassah, Amit and State of Israel Bonds. At some point Sophie is going to realise that if she is tweeting Holocaust survivors she is tweeting Zionists. No one understands better the importance of Jews having a national home than Holocaust survivors like Sonia and Faye.

Which is it to be Sophie? The words of homophobic, antisemitic, anti freedom fascists like Nasrallah or holocaust survivors who understand the need for a Jewish homeland?

You can’t support both.