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The Lynching of Jackie Walker

I think that I would be quite happily accepted in any gay rights group I joined. Even though I’m married to a person of the opposite sex I think that if I was personable, though people may be slightly bemused as to why I was there, I think they’d accept me.

If I started complaining that there wasn’t any room being made in the movement for gay people who didn’t believe in say gay marriage I expect I might be viewed in a more hostile light. I think people might be interested in whether I was actually gay at all and question what I was doing in their midst. I think that if I went further and used that suspicion from people as proof of my point which I then expanded upon to include the idea that there is something insidious in the whole gay rights movement hostility to me may increase.

If I took screenshots of the inevitable comments on social media calling me out as a tourist in the gay world who hadn’t done anything except attack gay people I think that more people in the movement would see me as a negative force. Naturally all the time I’d be saying how anti-homophobia I was…it was just that I hadn’t seen a definition of the term I could work with.

But also I would be embraced by some people.

The anti gay rights people, especially those opposed to gay marriage would embrace me. I would become their icon, their proof that on the one hand not all gay people are in favour of gay marriage and on the other that there is something vindictive within the gay rights movement and that gay rights only applies to those gay people who toe the line and agree with the nefarious agenda of the gay lobby. A lobby everyone is sure exists but no one can quite pin down.

Meet Jacqueline Walker, former Vice Chair of Momentum, who’s currently suspended from the Labour Party (for the second time). She’s just hit the Edinburgh Fringe complete with a little effigy of herself hanging from a rope. all the while complaining that the Board of Deputies of British Jews tried to have her show cancelled. I wonder why they might have wanted to do that? She also complained to the Jewish Chronicle that she was unable to visit family in Israel as they wouldn’t let her in. This statement coming from someone who calls on people to boycott Israel…Perhaps its only Radiohead who aren’t allowed to go.

I’m sure Jackie will be loving this post, I’m sure she’ll add it to the many critical posts against her as evidence of the Jew lobby’s efforts against her. I’m equally sure I don’t much care.