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Trump’s mysterious silence on Putin

The mystery remains.

Given his willingness to trash and humiliate virtually every other person on the planet who publicly opposes him, why does Donald Trump remain silent when it comes to criticizing one our nation’s leading adversaries, Vladimir Putin?

And so Trump signed a bill imposing new sanctions on Russia for its interference in the 2016 presidential election (which Trump still isn’t convinced happened) and restricting his ability to lift or waive those sanctions.

But Trump called the bill (which passed the Senate 98 to 2 and the House of Representatives 419 to 3) “deeply flawed” and “clearly unconstitutional.” He said he signed it “for the sake of national unity.”

Of course he signed it because a veto would be overwhelmingly and humiliatingly overridden.

Not that such things seem to matter anymore, but doesn’t signing a bill he considers unconstitutional violate his oath of office?

Update: Ah. Relations with Moscow would be great if not for that meddling Congress.

Further update: To which John McCain responds:

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