Palestine Expo Speaker Ebrahim Bham on “Animals”

Let’s say a foreign preacher of some prominence had told his followers that “Muslims are worse than animals”. In the same sermon, he disparaged some of their fabled acts of personal defiance towards an evil aggressor. These remarks formed part of a clear hateful pattern and were no one-off.

The preacher heads to the UK. His purpose is to join up with a band of his fellow Islam haters at a rally at a prestigious public sector venue.

Do you think he would be allowed into the country and the venue? I rather doubt it.

But evidently it’s different when it comes to South African preacher Ebrahim Bham speaking at Palestine Expo, which will be held this weekend at the QE II Centre in Westminster.

Let’s take one more look at the man. Here he is at full throttle on “disbelievers” in a sermon delivered earlier this year:

What life can there be for someone who forgets Allah? Who is neglectful of Allah? And this is one of the tragedies of the Western civilisation, that they have forgotten Allah. They have forgotten Allah. They don’t remember Allah, they don’t want to remember Allah, they can’t take it if anyone remembers Allah.

You know, Hasan Nadwi in his kitab [book] “Islam In the World”, if only you could read that section when he speaks about the harm of Western civilisation and he said there is no aspect of remembrance of Allah in their life.

He gave one or two examples. He said in the World War 2, that when there used to be sirens that spoke about that bombs are about to fall in London, initially people used to withdraw, right? And they used to be in their cinemas, or they used to be in their work, and they used to go in their bunkers. Afterwards, in the cinemas, when the sirens used to come, they said “let it come, we will still watch our cinema, we will still watch our movies”. So, so neglectful, so heedless. Death will come. They don’t want to remember Allah.

And the other one is to be heedless of Allah. And look at what Allah says in the Qur’an. Allah will fill jahannam [hell] with which type of people? They will have hearts but they will not think of Allah. They will have eyes but they will not see Allah. They will not see the qudrah [might] of Allah. They will have ears but they will not listen to the commands and the kalam [word] of Allah. That’s how they will become. They are like animals. They are like animals! No, they are worse than animals! Who are they? They have forgotten Allah. They are heedless of Allah.

You will not be surprised to learn that Mr Bham is also expected to speak this week at the Finsbury Park Mosque, Mr Corbyn’s favourite place of worship.

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