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Platform Pieties, Safe Spaces, and Palestine Expo

For the champions of righteousness, platform pieties and safe space niceties are central to the struggle.

Consider former National Union of Students President Malia Bouattia, for example:

The President of the National Union for Students (NUS) has defended the the union’s No Platform policy, claiming places of education should be “safe spaces in which to debate and discuss ideas”.

“We’re not stopping the tearing apart of problematic views and ideas. It’s incredibly naive to believe that unless we provide spaces where racist, xenophobic, homophobic views are aired, that they’re not otherwise known about.”

Here are some views which seem distinctly “unsafe” and best suited to pungent platforms.

The Human Rights Trick
Human rights as they are understood and promoted today are a trick:

Today when we talk of human rights, we look upon it as a political concept. It becomes a slogan that people today talk about the world. The United Nations Charter talks about member states fulfilling the rights and fulfilling the human rights of one another, of its citizens and of fellow citizens for other countries. But today we know what is that human rights. That human rights culture in today’s time is nothing but a guise to bring about imperial hegemony.

Don’t be fooled!

Imperialist plotters

Equal Rights For Women? Nonsense!
Modern notions of equal rights for women are actually “manifestly absurd” and “nonsense”. Men have and must have authority over women. Women should not enter the workplace, where their “dignity, honour and respect” would be “undermined”. No, “look after the home, for in that lies your jihad.” Men shouldn’t even shake women’s hands. This is “impermissible”.

If a woman does venture out, mind the rules:

It is not permissible for a Muslim female to travel beyond 48 kilometres without a male mahram [a member of the family who cannot marry the woman]. Which we all know is part of sharia. We cannot deny it.

Not doing jihad. Very, very bad.

Secular Education Must Be Rejected
Secular education is generally “negative”, “harmful”, and “detrimental”. There is no resolution to the conflict with Islam:

The secular system and the Islamic system have opposed views on life. They are based on opposed views and perceptions of life. So it is impossible for that system, that value system, to come into an individual without it having its consequences, bringing in anti-Islamic influences in a community, in a society, in an individual.

This is how bad it can get:

The secular system of education is based on the freedom of the individual. The individual is supreme. It is repeatedly told to you that he is sovereign. He has the right to do as he pleases. Because of this freedom, because of this he being the sovereign and supreme, it brings about in its wake a whole host of freedoms. Freedom of association, freedom of speech, freedom to do as he deems fit. To enact laws which he feels are expedient.

If he [sic] feels that he wants to be a gay or a lesbian, he is free to do so, and that system of education would not prevent, but would rather encourage him to follow his particular freedom. This is something which each and every one who goes through this system of education would have to agree.

”Negative, harmful, detrimental”

But hark, Islam is the solution:

The Islamic system of education never teaches that you are free to do whatever you want.

Defend Homophobes
Speaking of homosexuality, that “perversion” which many people “abhor”, spare a thought for poor Ismail Menk. All the preacher said was that homosexuals are worse than animals. And then his UK university lecture tour was cancelled by the tour organisers.

And this is actually what happens sometimes with regard to people who do not understand their rights, who are not confident with regard to going out there, into the open, and being able to argue what you stand for, and yet not be looked upon as someone who is extreme.

Stand up for hatred!

Disbelievers Are Stupid
Don’t be too proud of your degrees if you are a disbeliever. Actually, you’re an idiot:

The learned are those who fear Allah the most. They are in reality learned. Otherwise, you can have a whole host of degrees, a whole host of Ph.Ds. But if it does not bring you closer towards Allah, you might have those degrees, but in the words of the Qur’an and hadith, you are an informed illiterate. You might be informed, but you are illiterate.

Otherwise, how can you answer, that a person is supposed to be a Ph.D, he has all the things, and you ask him what is his religion, and he will say “I am an agnostic. I do not believe in anything”. Is that person intelligent? Can you call him an intelligent person no matter how much Ph.Ds he has? He is an informed illiterate. He is not intelligent in the least.

A man of no intelligence

Who Said That?
So, who made these remarks? Ah, none other than Ebrahim Bham in his sermons. He is a scheduled speaker at Ismail Patel’s “Palestine Expo” at the QE II Centre in Westminster on July 8 and 9.

And who will be sharing that very space and platform with him? Malia Bouattia. With the backing of the NUS.

LSE is keen too.

If you like hypocrisy as well as deranged hatred of Israel, the QE II Centre will be a very safe space indeed next weekend.

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