Quds Day 2017

While we’re all still reeling from the impact of three terror attacks in three months it’s worth noting that the annual Quds Day hate fest run by the Islamic Human Rights Commission is due to hit the streets of London on the 18th of June.

While you’re thinking about that also bear in mind that the chairman of the IHRC said the following about suicide bombers in April 2002;

In the wake of a suicide bombing carried out not by a Palestinian but by a Mancunian one wonders whether Shadjareh will argue that the UK should have given poor Salman Abedi a free M-16 so that he wouldn’t have had to blow himself up in order to murder British kids at a pop concert.

These comments were made way back in April 2002 (incidentally on a platform Shadjareh was sharing with the man who might be our next Prime Minister) he has had time to change his views, to moderate, to blame terrorists who murder people for the actions of terrorists who murder people instead of “the West”. Perhaps he has stopped blaming all the ills of the world on the country that adopted him, perhaps he has stopped damning the West when it does intervene and damning the West when it doesn’t and damning the West for anything he can;

“Undoubtedly this cholera and indeed the suffering and the disease and the malnourishments and all the atrocities which are being committed in Yemen would not have happened if it wasn’t because of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has been the forefront of this and indeed those who are helping Saudi Arabia like the West, Britain and the United States in particular, are equally responsible,” Shadjareh told Press TV in an interview on Sunday.

Surprised? Nah me neither.

If you want a taste of what al Quds Day is like take a look at last year’s event.

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