Dilly Hussain’s “False Flag” Friends

The picture above is of Dilly Hussain, he’s the deputy editor of a website called 5 Pillars. They claim;

“The Muslim community is under siege from a hostile government and an Islamophobic mainstream media. So we need our own media to tell our own stories on our own terms to launch the fightback.”

Above is a photo of him being interviewed on Sky News (standing on the far right) discussing the government’s PREVENT programme aimed at de-radicalising extremists and making sure Jihadi ideology is countered wherever it’s found. He says the following;

“Can the Muslim community do more? Yes the Muslim community can do more but they must be allowed to do more and what I mean by that is to allow scholars and activists to address some of these issues because as soon as they are censored or as they are labelled there’s a disconnect, there’s a vacuum in knowledge as soon as there’s a vacuum in knowledge the youth will seek knowledge elsewhere ie the internet.”

For a moment I wondered what scholars Hussain is referring to that “the youth” need to hear. Then I found out by looking at his Facebook account;

This is an interesting list indeed. Hasan al Banna is the Godfather of Islamism, he founded the Muslim Brotherhood. Syed Qutb who Hussain calls “ash-shaheed” a term of endearment for a witness or one who bears testimony was a member of the MB who was executed for plotting to murder Gamal Abdul Nasser and was hanged in 1966. His seminal work Milestones laid the foundations of Islamist ideology picked up by every Islamist group you can think of including the likes of Hamas and al Qaeda. Here’s a particularly charming quote (p123);

“Beyond this limited meaning, this statement about culture is one of the tricks played by world Jewry, whose purpose is to eliminate all limitations, especially the limitations imposed by faith and religion, so that the Jews may penetrate into body politic of the whole world and then may be free to perpetuate their evil designs. At the top of the list of these activities is usury, the aim of which is that all the wealth of mankind ends up in the hands of Jewish financial institutions which run on interest.”

Meanwhile Sheikh Abdullah Azzam founded a little known terror organisation you might have heard of called al Qaeda. Abul Maududi is the founder of Jamaat e Islami. To a large extent it’s his work of politicising Islam that a lot of hardworking people are trying their best to undo as it has this unfortunate problem of leading to innocent people being massacred by those who think they’re doing Allah’s work. He was a big fan of establishing a worldwide Islamic state of the kind Hizb ut Tahrir have a tendency to call for and he thought that big war of Muslims against everyone else was the way to get there.

Can anyone spot a theme developing among the “Islamic revivalist figures” Hussain would like to take a boat ride with? And what’s with “two others who died in the past 10 years that I cannot name for obvious reasons”??

Moments after the news broke that an attack was ongoing Hussain shared the info on Facebook to a reaction that makes one doubt whether he even thinks it was Muslims who perpetrated the attack at all.

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