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The Jabir Bin Zayid Mosque and the Limits of Tolerance

Let’s say a far right group is in a spot of bother. A rival group has accused it of not being properly hardcore. It risks losing followers and needs to act. So it puts these words up on its website:

How dare you slander us. We say the penalty for following Islam is stoning to death. Some of us add that stoning is not enough – the criminals should be hanged too. This has always been our position on the horrible crime of following Islam.

How long before the howls of outrage sweep across the land and the cops pay the group a visit? Not long at all, I reckon, and rightly so in such a scenario.

Now turn to Barking.

The Jabir Bin Zayid mosque in Barking – attended by London Bridge attacker Khurram Butt in the past – is a mission of the Ibadi sect of Oman.

The sect has faced criticism from fellow Muslims. So Oman’s Grand Mufti decided to burnish its theological credentials. This way:

How then, could this slander be attributed to the Ibadhis whereas the Ibadhis consider the penalty for homosexuality to be stoning similar to the penalty for adultery! There are even those who see that a homosexual should be hanged and stoned to death. The Ibadhis have pre-determined this and have maintained it throughout their history and have been penalising those committing this horrible crime accordingly.

You will find these words on the website of the Jabir Bin Zayid mosque. Right out in the open. On a page published by a registered charity.

This is intolerable. As in, it should not be tolerated. This death cult preaching must end, everywhere in the UK, and above all in East London.

It won’t happen, I suspect. Some “conversations” are just too “difficult”.

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