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Poster gives Theresa May Star of David earrings

As reported in the Jewish Chronicle, this banner recently appeared in Bristol.

I can’t imagine many voters, when asked which issues are their top priorities, would come up with the Balfour Declaration.  Here a Jewish resident explains why the banner is antisemitic – prompting an unconvincing rejoinder from Nima Masterson.

He condemned the banner as antisemitic, saying “the Magen David [Star of David] earrings are clearly implying that the Jews/Israel have hegemony over our government, which is a century old antisemitic trope.”

Nima Masterson, one of the organisers who put up the banner, told theBristol Post that it was not meant to be antisemitic, saying that the earrings were “a tiny element of the whole banner.

Masterson was taken to task on Facebook when he persisted in his assertion that the banner was not anitsemitic.