Fathom | The Legacy of 1967 | Interviews with Michael Oren and Nidal Foqaha

Our Fathom Highlight this week is Michael Oren and Nidal Foqaha on the 1967 War and its legacy for Israel and the Palestinians. Michael Oren, Deputy Minister for Diplomacy in the Prime Minister’s Office, spoke to Fathom’s contributing editor Dr Toby Greene. Nidal Foqaha, Director-General of the Palestinian Peace Coalition-Geneva Initiative in Ramallah, spoke to Fathom’s editorial assistant Jack May at the BICOM-Fathom-RUSI one-day conference on the 1967 Six-Day War in March this year.

“You can make a very strong the case that the biggest winners of the 1967 war were the Palestinians.” – Michael Oren.

“We believe that any deal with the region should go through Ramallah, and not vice versa.” – Nidal Foqaha.

Read Michael Oren here. Read Nidal Foqaha (above) here.

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