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Corbyn Can’t Defend Us Against His Friends

I’ll keep this brief because this one point is all that needs to be said:

Jeremy Corbyn and his friends – like Ken Livingstone, George Galloway, those who lead the Stop the War Coalition and Socialist Action and Momentum – have been the leading enablers of Islamism in the UK.

They now expect us to believe that the fight against Islamism and its violent terrorist expression is in safe hands with them. These are the people who invited Islamist groups into leftwing coalitions. These are the people who smeared liberal commentators – including us at Harry’s Place – as racists and Islamophobes for warning against the poison of hate-preachers and fake human rights groups like Cage. These are the people who sanitised and mainstreamed Islamist ideologues like Yusuf Qaradawi. These are the people who vilified our police and armed forces. They are the people who provided the political cover as London became a centre for Islamist radicalisation.

And now they claim they can defend us.

PS. Watch Jeremy Corbyn join Cage’s Moazzam Begg to protest extradition of terror suspects to the US.

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