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Andrew “Defeat NATO” Murray

What to do if your election campaign is in trouble? I know! Bring in a man who called for the defeat of NATO!

But let us not forget that the victims of NATO are not in Europe. They are in the Middle East. They are in South Asia. And our common humanity and our desire to defeat NATO demands that we extend the hand of sympathy and solidarity to those who are suffering from NATO’s policy of aggression and imperialism, and not just to those who are suffering but those who are exercising their right to resist that policy.

Yes, it’s the communist Andrew Murray, shown here speaking at a “No to NATO” rally in Strasbourg in 2009. This is just one episode in his awful record.

That Strasbourg rally was predictably ugly. Yay, violence! Let’s smash things up, attack the police, and start fires!

Well done Jeremy!