Peak Peake on political violence

This was the quote which was pulled from Simon Hattentstone’s interview with Maxine Peake to provide a headline:

‘I’m a Corbyn supporter. We need a coup’

Given that the recent peaceful and procedurally correct challenge to Corbyn’s leadership was described as the ‘chicken coup’, it might be assumed that Peake simply meant ‘We need to campaign tirelessly to achieve a Labour victory against the odds.’

However this is not quite the case:

Peake says she can’t wait for a fightback to start. Would her ideal be peaceful revolution or violent revolution? “A bit of both. You can’t have a peaceful revolution now. Terrible thing to say. But we need a coup!”

It would be interesting to know just how she envisages this not entirely peaceful coup panning out.  It would also be interesting to see how people responded to a far right figure expressing a similarly cavalier attitude to democracy and the rule of law.

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