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Jeremy Corbyn Praising Viva Palestina

Here’s another scene from Jeremy Corbyn’s political career. Filmed in March 2010, he sings the praises of Viva Palestina.

Viva Palestina was George Galloway’s Hamas support operation in those years. He could not have made the purpose of the Viva Palestina “aid” convoys more explicit, from the very first one in March 2009. This was recorded at the end of that convoy, a year before the clip above, and widely reported at the time.

Hamas Syria welcomes a Viva Palestina convoy

There’s more, as ever with Corbyn. Here he backs Viva Palestina at an obnoxious demonstration in London at the end of 2009. At this point, Galloway was spoiling for a stupid fight with the Mubarak regime in Egypt on his way to Gaza with another convoy. Mr Corbyn was evidently impressed and came to Galloway’s aid.

Viva Palestina with Hamas leader Musa Abu Marzouk in Syria. Assad père looks down approvingly. The Syrian regime and Viva Palestina were close allies.

Many Viva Palestina convoy participants rose from humble Hamas support work to the heights of jihad, just as night surely follows day. The latest we know of is Jamal al-Harith. He achieved the pinnacle of martyrdom in an Islamic State suicide bombing in Mosul, Iraq, this winter. There are several more where he came from.

Indeed, no one with any sense of decency got anywhere near Viva Palestina. It was a grotesque horde, riddled with extremists, antisemites and thugs, all determined to serve a terrorist group dedicated to genocide for the Jews.

Mr Corbyn, by contrast, felt “the greatest admiration and respect” for the horde.

He will soon learn how much “admiration and respect“ the country has for him.

Corbyn and Galloway outside the Home Office, demonstrating their support for the rioters who smashed up High Street Kensington and attacked police officers during the Gaza war demonstrations of 2008 and 2009.

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