Labour Party

Corbyn Droning

So the Islamic State leader al-Baghdadi is found by the intelligence agencies. Jeremy Corbyn is prime minister. The officers go to Downing Street to ask him if al-Baghdadi can be taken out in a drone strike.

This is the scenario Andrew Marr presented to Jeremy Corbyn earlier today. Watch Corbyn’s pained wriggling. Too tough, this one. Best talk about his mythical “political solution” for the Islamic State menace.

Well, of course. Here’s Mr Corbyn outside RAF Waddington calling our drones an “obscenity”. Why, we shouldn’t even have small arms, really.

We’re here today to say that we don’t agree with these drones. We don’t agree with this obscenity that’s going on before our very eyes here. That’s why just as much as we want to get rid of land mines, small arms, nuclear weapons, we want to get rid of drones as well.

Mr Corbyn does excel in political martyrdom operations, I’ll give him that.

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