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Abu Hamza’s Son Stripped of UK Citizenship

It emerged over the weekend that a son of the hook handed preacher Abu Hamza al-Masri has had his British citizenship taken away from him.

The Telegraph claims Sufyan Mustapha, 22, fled the UK in the wake of his father’s extradition to the USA where he has been imprisoned ever since.

He has reportedly been fighting against Bashar al Assad and has criticised ISIS and al Qaeda in an interview. It is unclear what group Mustapha has been fighting with.

He is quoted as saying;

“There is no solution to the Syrian situation while Assad is in power … if you want to help then shine a light on the atrocities carried out by Bashar Assad, the Russians and ISIS.”

In case anyone needed reminding of just how bad Abu Hamza was we have managed to rustle up some photos from his Supporters of Sharia demonstration outside the Israeli embassy in London in late 2000 which he put on along with Al Muhajiroun .

If you can spot the young Anjem Choudry in the pic below you get extra points…

And we Begg of you to spot one of the super famous guys below