University of Westminster ISOC tries to stop Maryam Namazie speaking

A quick glance at Maryam Namazie’s twitter timeline will remind you that she is no anti-Muslim bigot.  Criticisms of Islamist extremism and the Iranian regime are, as you would expect, mixed in with condemnations of Trump, the appalling Bannon (do read this chilling piece if you haven’t already), arson attacks on refugee shelters and the Quebec mosque murders.  But the University of Westminster ISOC is doing its best to get her uninvited from a discussion of secularism.

Concerns have been raised about this ISOC in the past – whereas they were perfectly happy to issue an invitation to the vile hate preacher Haitham al-Haddad, it seems they won’t tolerate the presence of secular, liberal Maryam Namazie on campus.

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