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“Two Terms” Trump

“Two Terms” Trump is the slug line of a new blog that’s been popping up on some of my news feeds since I posted on the so-called “Muslim ban” last week, so I checked it out. It is quite entertaining. Their mission, apparently is:

A compendium of the Liberal and Leftwing stupidity, misjudgement and errors that will ensure a second term for President Donald Trump – unless something changes!

But they say the intent should not be misunderstood. The blog is about pointing out these failings so they can be corrected in time to stop Trump winning a second term as president. It seems like a fool’s errand to me because as self-promoting super-troll Milo Yiannopoulos points out in his supercilious address at Colorado Springs a fortnight ago – entitled in mock-helpfulness “Why The Dems Lost The White Working Class” – the Left never seems to learn from its mistakes. Or, to put it as bluntly as Milo does “they’re so stupid they just don’t listen”, he quips saying why he so openly reveals the recipe to the “secret sauce” [of electoral success].

Well advice on what ingredients NOT to put in your sauce is all over, but as we have seen in the UK with the quixotic caravan of donkeys falling in behind Jeremy Corbyn, no one on the Left listens to sound advice, so Milo is on the money with that observation and our blogging friends have their work cut out for them. As we at Harry’s Place can attest, documenting the self-defeating antics of the far-Left is a thankless and joyless task, so good luck to them.

Still, it’s an entertaining read.