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Report from Rockbridge County

On Wednesday evening I went to a meeting of the Rockbridge County, Virginia, Democratic Committee.

Rockbridge is a rural county that surrounds the town of Lexington, where I live. In the November election Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton in the county by 6,680 votes to 3,508.

The usual pre-election attendance at Rockbridge Democratic meetings was about 30 people. On Wednesday night there were close to 100.

People who attended the Women’s March in Washington on Saturday (which involved a four-hour trip each way) were asked to stand. About two dozen did.

Also at the meeting, people were asked for ideas on what to do going forward. Among the radical suggestions were letters to the editor, encouraging people to run for office and engaging in dialogue with Trump supporters.

Strangely, Linda Sarsour was not mentioned even once. And I can assure you that if she had been, the universal reaction would have been blank looks.