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David Miller and the Zionists

David Miller is a scholar who seems to find solace in blaming everything he thinks is evil on the West and Israel. He seems to think Zionists are some kind of dodgy group of people sitting in the background funding evil conspiracies.

Shiraz Maher put a number of questions to Miller several years ago asking why it is that his powerbase website seemed to feature a whole range of utterly benign Jewish organisations such as the Board of Deputies but not many others.

According to Miller he’s been suspended and reinstated to the Labour Party. In comments made at an annual IHRC conference he goes on about how the “Zionists” are funding Islamophobia. Can we even begin to take apart the number of antisemitic tropes contained within that concept? He says;

“this is the word that will get my suspension from the Labour Party, [now] lifted, re-imposed. The Zionist movement is also part of…part of the Zionist movement is also part of this, the Zionist funders which are funding some of the Islamophobic networks, not all of the Zionist movement the liberal left part of the Zionist movement let’s not get into that argument, but there are elements of the Zionist movement that are involved in that as well funding networks so it’s not true to say it’s just the state…”

This is the kind of thinking that merits a round of applause at an IHRC event.

Is it every Zionist he’s talking about? What does he mean “a part of”? Is he going to name names or just smear every Zionist?

Have a listen to Miller in his own words at the Harry’s Place Sound Cloud account:

David Miller Zionists funding Islamophobia

This guy just can’t help himself.