Aleppo: What is there to say?

The BBC reports:

Syrian pro-government forces in eastern Aleppo have been killing people, including women and children, on the spot in their homes and on the street, the United Nations says.

The UN’s human rights office said streets were full of bodies.

Meanwhile, the UN children’s agency cited a doctor as saying a building housing as many as 100 unaccompanied children was under heavy attack.

Rebels, who have held east Aleppo for four years, are on the brink of defeat.

Thousands of people are reportedly trapped in the last remaining neighbourhoods still in rebel hands, facing intense bombardment as pro-government troops advance.
The UN’s humanitarian adviser on Syria, Jan Egeland, earlier spoke of “massacres of unarmed civilians, of young men, of women, children, health workers”.

He named a pro-government Iraqi Shia militia as being responsible for the killings, but placed overall blame for any atrocities in the hands of the Syrian and Russian governments.

Of course the Russians blame it all on “terrorist groups”– which seems to be a good, if unintentional, description of Assad’s forces

As I’ve been saying for years, Obama’s Syria policy has been a terrible failure.

Now we have a President-elect appointing people to his administration who unashamedly side with the Russians enabling the murderous Syrian regime and its allies to commit these atrocities.

Donald Trump has said, “I don’t like Assad at all.” But he appreciates that “Assad is killing ISIS.”

Assad is killing a lot of other people too– including thousands of children. And the world look on.