Women's Rights

Solidarity with women in Poland protesting new abortion law

Although pro-choice campaigners will of course oppose Poland’s planned further restrictions on its already very narrow criteria for legal abortion, many who identify as pro-life will probably be equally concerned by the proposals. Currently women in Poland can only secure an abortion if their life is in danger, if the foetus is seriously deformed, or in cases involving rape or incest.  But the new law will only allow abortion if the mother’s life is at risk, meaning that young girls, including rape victims, will be forced to carry their pregnancies to term. Those found breaking the law will face jail. 58% of Poles approve of this tighter legislation, even though only 1000 legal abortions are carried out in Poland each year.  This move also has the support of both the Church and the thoroughly illiberal Law and Justice Party, currently in government.  On Monday many female workers will go on strike in protest against this curtailment of their rights.

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